Imagine you’re walking down an alleyway in the city. You are alone and out of the corner of your eye you see , in the distance, an older gentleman sitting alone on the ground. He is breathing deeply and as you pass by he says (gasping) “water?”. In your pack you have some water so you offer him some. As he takes the water in his hand, he lifts up his shirt. Underneath ,on his chest is a deep knife wound. He begins to pour the water over the wound and as he does, the cut mends. He then takes a drink of the water and his whole body youthens. The age falls from his face and before you, a tall handsome man , looking confident and strong. It’s hard to believe only moments ago he was a tired old man.

              If I could chose a Greek god to be forever or for a day, it would be Poseidon. Wielding the power of the sea is one of the coolest gifts. It was said that his immortality was only possible not just because he was a god but also all his wounds could be healed by contact with water. As many people know, water is the most destructive force on earth capable of destroying anything in its path. However, it is also a life giving substance that can help in times of need and can provide sustenance for life.

              Also, he is the most peaceful of all the gods and yet when harmed he can also be the most vindictive and vengeful. This much I can relate to because I tend to be this way. I am quite peaceful but when overly provoked I can be quite treacherous. I also enjoy being under water. As an immortal you don’t have to breathe meaning the sea could be my home. This it literally my dream. To live under water in a serene location like a sunny reef.


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