Terra Strice (Just a fun story I made up for my english class)

              Terra Strice was a beautiful young maiden. She always showed up to balls and parties in the most perfect outfits. She was the envy of the entire kingdom. Everyone wanted to know how she did it. There were those who thought she had a keen eye for fashion, and others who just thought she had a personal designer. However, all of their attempts to figure out how she did it were useless. The truth was so far fetched that even the most foolish of people wouldn’t believe her even if she had told them herself.

               The truth was that her clothes were the ones with the keen eye for style. Every morning when she woke up she would open her closet doors and her most beautiful dresses fit for that days weather would waltz out and display themselves. Once she decided on a dress, matching pairs of leggings would flow out of her closet and wait for her decision. The leggings would be followed by corsets, shoes, and to finish it off, the hats.

               Sometimes, after she has chosen her outfit and laid it out on her bed, the lace in the back if her corset would loosen and slither itself across the floor. When it reached the closet it would point its aglet at clothing that would better fit her, she can’t look too baggy or too tight.

               Once she was ready and had the whole outfit together, she would put it on. After she tried the clothes on, she twirled around in a mirror, and then she would pick the perfect purse. Then she would open the bag in front of her jewelry case. All of the finest jewelry that matched that outfit would hop into the bag. When she showed up to different events she could simply slip into the bathroom and hold her bag open. The jewelry most fitting for that event would jump outside of the purse and fly to her. She could go from formal to casual in seconds.

               So there you have it. The answer the the question, “How does she do it?”. The question now is, Do you believe?


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