The Worst Break-Ups of All Time

The Worst Break-Ups of All Time

This was a killer show with some of the best break-up stories ever. I had the pleasure of playing Calvin Ericsson( From MOB-N, or the Messengers Of Bad News), Cooper the best charades player of all time, and a theater nerd who got to see the worst break-up of all time. The last night I stood in for a friend and played Student 2 who is dating the same girl as Student 1 and Liam. on the last night I also played Bill who was a good looking 70’s druggy that got broken up with because his girlfriend hated his face because she was crazy.


Let the Reader’s Imagination Do the Heavy Lifting

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This is the kind of flowery I can get behind. (Flowery Piano by Andreas (CC BY-SA 2.0) This is the kind of flowery we can get behind. Flowery Piano by Andreas(CC BY-SA 2.0)

In storytelling, description and detail translate what’s in your imagination into scenes and images in the reader’s mind. Can bloated description detract from your work, fill your reader’s brain with too much information, and distract them from the story? The answer is yes. In today’s post we’ll look at how to know when enough is enough.

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Why So Serious

             Can I just say something. I’M NEVER SERIOUS. Ok, so maybe thats not true but, if we have been joking together in a group of people and you hear me say something offensive don’t take it personally. It’s likely you’ve offended me too, I just have the ability to know that you are joking. Also, when you get offended and you get mad at me so I let you know “Hey I didn’t really mean that” don’t come at me like “Oh, you can’t say that after the fact”. Yes, I can. We (as in me, you, and the 17 other people in this room) have been joking and saying slightly offensive things for the past hour. Don’t chose to be offended now and make me look like a bad guy.

Bring your brain