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The Man Card

Dear World/Bloggers/Friends/Random Facebook Person,

               I’m not normally one to rant or rave but, I have something to say that i think will prevent a lot of arguments and inner pain. I’d like to address the concept of the “Man Card”. I get that original it was quippy and funny, but now it has over stepped its bounds. We now use it on a daily basis and it is no longer the joke it was. It has now become a way for men to demean each other. So, I’ve burned mine all of them and I shoot the guy who makes them. They can no longer be given nor taken from me. The rules of the man card are defined by the world and I don’t belong there anyway. I understand that 1% of people use it properly  and just to be clear the only person I’ve ever seen use it properly is Amanda Stancavage. Other than that in the past year I have seen Pastors,interns, teachers, friends and many other people use it as a way to measure a man. In other words a way to feel like their the bigger man in the room.(I’m trying not to be vulgar). This might sound like I’m calling people out and I am. We shouldn’t define men by what they talk about, how the act, or their mannerisms. The concept of the “man card” is flawed because it was designed by people and the world. So from now on I’m gonna let the Bible tell me how to be a man. No one can take the Bible from me and no one can redefine it to make themselves look better.