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Playing Calvin Ericson



This was one of the best experiences of my life. Playing Calvin was so much fun. He is a lofty business man who longs to be so much more than a messenger. He takes his job very seriously. He thinks his job is depressing but, exciting if looked at in the right light. Though he might need too be a little more sensitive. He works for MOB-N (The Messengers Of Bad News). It’s like a corer service for unpleasant, personal messages.



The Worst Break-Ups of All Time

The Worst Break-Ups of All Time

This was a killer show with some of the best break-up stories ever. I had the pleasure of playing Calvin Ericsson( From MOB-N, or the Messengers Of Bad News), Cooper the best charades player of all time, and a theater nerd who got to see the worst break-up of all time. The last night I stood in for a friend and played Student 2 who is dating the same girl as Student 1 and Liam. on the last night I also played Bill who was a good looking 70’s druggy that got broken up with because his girlfriend hated his face because she was crazy.